A Small Selection of Client Reviews & Feedback - thank you to you all !!
""Wonderfully talented lady and I cannot recommend more highly" 
""Thank you for another wonderful evening full of energy and positivity" 
""Thank you for inviting me to your meditation group last night, its just what I need at this difficult time.  I feel much calmer today and slept well" 
""Amazing lady! Let me see the light literally on my own life thank u"   
""Thank you for an enriching evening" 
""Thank you so much Karen.  I do feel it is helping me and all lovely people in the group" 
""Thank you, the session yesterday was incredibly grounding for me, interesting and comforting" 
""Your reading was incredible and has allowed me to make the decisions I needed to make" 
""Your guidance has certainly set me back on my pathway thank you so much, you have a great gift and are using it in a way that brings wonderful love and comfort to a lot of people" 
""I have always been very sceptical of anything like this, but you have definitely opened my mind! You couldn't have known any details of the experience we have endured!"
""I really cannot thank you enough, everything you said meant the absolute world."